I don’t normally keep this up to date… well, I haven’t for a year, but I was so incensed by my recent discovery that I had to voice my distaste. It seems that CJ.com, for whom I am signed up as a publisher affiliate, have decided to remove my account willy-nilly; without warning, without opportunity or right to appeal – nothing. CJ had deleted or deactivated my account.

And how did I find this out? Because I went to go and log in to my account. I couldn’t. Thinking it was just because I’d forgotten my password, I requested a reminder. No dice. It appears that my registered email address did not belong to an active account. “Strange,” thought I. “I could have sworn this was the right email address. Oh well, let’s go and check.”

I checked. It was right. Confused, I decided to try the other link on there that is supposed to help people with login problems contact CJ’s customer *ahem* service. I received the following email:

From: no-response@custhelp.com
Subject: Assistance Request Denied

Your request for assistance cannot be accepted because your email
address is not registered with an existing account.


Was I mad?! Yes, I was. CustHelp.com? Expletives.

A little internet research leads me to the conclusion that my account was closed due to inactivity. Yes, I hadn’t logged in for a while because I was unlikely to be clocking up large figures of sales… and quite possibly no sales at all. But I DID have funds in there – I HAD made some sales at one point. Those profits are gone now – and though $20 might not mean anything to some people, it means a hell of a lot to me. It’s a starting point. It’s somewhere from which I can grow.

I don’t like this no-right-to-reply deletion of online accounts. I’ve heard horror stories before, particularly from webmasters (boy does that phrase sound corny) who rack up money only for it to disappear before their eyes. I’m leery of going back to Commission Junction now, a company which I have previously recommended to others for the excellence of their affiliate programs. I guess I probably will still recommend them – but with a very significant caveat.

- Don’t dare stop making sales or they’ll delete your account!

(PS. For anyone who’s interested, the few “sales” I made were from GoDaddy’s affiliate scheme that I had set up on my domain name manager website – in case you’re looking to manage your domain name lists.)

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A picture of an iphoneJust got myself a brand new iPhone – the 3GS, an upgrade from the iPhone 3G, enjoying it so far – it’s nice to have a fast iPhone again after the 3.0 software upgrade made everything reeeeeealy slow on my old 3G.

Jailbreak my new iPhone 3GS – blackra1n

Anyway, first job, of course, was to jailbreak the new phone. Last time I did it is was… well, it wasn’t a chore, exactly. But it was a bit of pain, using the redsn0w tool from dev-team, on the PC, to modify the firmware update. BUT – brilliant news, an update to an older piece of software called blackra1n which also hacks the iPhone! I hadn’t heard of it before but it appears that it’s been around before for updating older versions of the firmware and I have to admit it was good to have an alternative!

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I was looking for a way to keep one window (in my case, Chrome – I wanted the labels part of the GMail website visible so I knew when new emails had come in) on top of all others and I still find it really difficult to understand why this functionality to go “always on top” with any program, isn’t built into the Microsoft Windows GUI.

Seems obvious to me!

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Wow – what an amazing bit of fall-out from the Google Images fun and games that’s being going on in the media all day regarding this Michelle Obama “Offensive” image. I’ve been following it without any serious idea of how big a deal this is… until I went online and a few news sites and saw how many people are getting involved in this row, and in really serious tones.

Personally I struggled to find the image when I first heard the news and I’m including it here, not to further the problem or to try to snatch a few extra visitors to this rubbish blog (seriously, and honestly, I’m sorry if you think that) because of that reason. Hopefully people will understand that that’s the true reason behind my posting it. As Google themselves have said, the image itself may cause offence but actually the conversation that’s sprung up is interesting (in a social sense) and infuriating in lots of others.

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E4 – Misfits comedy review

Misfits, one of E4’s (Channel 4’s hip channel) new flagship comedy shows, has opened to pretty good success and acclaim this week. Early reckoning shows that the show drew in about 0.5 million viewers which ain’t half bad!

It’s about 5 chaps and chapettes who for some reason are struck by lightning and become endowed with super powers. Uh-huh. So, kinda like Heroes, a bit. We have a time-traveller and a mind-reader amongst others – which is all good. Actually, it’s pretty good yunno – it’s funny in all the right places, doesn’t take cheap swipes at the superhero genre and actually is very entertaining. Just one thing I would mention is that it’s definitely not for young uns – hence the 10pm post-watershed billing.

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It’s time again for us to look forward to watching beautiful blazing bonfires and amazing sparkling fireworks displays – good old bonfire night! If you’re looking for fireworks displays for 2010 in Leeds you’ve come to the right place.

Free fireworks displays

Roundhay park

Without doubt the jewel in the crown of Leeds’ fireworks displays is to be found at Roundhay Park – every year thousands gather to watch the huge bonfire and fantastic firework display. The fire is lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks are set to kick off at 8pm. Admission is naturally free – though you’re advised to get there nice and early to take advantage of good viewing positions, live music and various other entertainments there.

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Well, after having loads of problems trying to get the iPhone software to actually activate, it’s now become apparent that the update wasn’t worth waiting for. And I say that with sadness, I wanted this update to be great and to not have any issues. I love my iPhone, I want it to be amazing.

First thing I did was activate the MMS. What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t actually activated until I received 2 texts from o2 confirming that *they* have now activated it. Would have been nice for the software to have made that obvious. I got 3 messages from mobile number 1010 describing the situation.

My biggest real gripe though is messaging, either text or web. I think it’s a lot less sensitive than it used to be and harder to navigate text you’ve already written. The “select” tooltip thing keeps coming up when all I want to do is fix badly auto corrected words. Even now I’m finding that I can type faster than the screen can update. This didn’t used to be the case. Sad. Texting is much slower now on the iPhone and much more prone to errors!
I wish so much that apple would have just given us navigation arrows instead – yunno, like all keyboards do!

There are good things, I’m not trying to be a complete killjoy, I just hoped for more. I think it would have been cool for apple to have given us the voice recognition that the 3gs has – not really sure the hardware would hold that back for us.

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A picture of an iphoneWoohoo – the iPhone 3.0 software update is here… thank you Apple – now I have a phone that does what other people’s phones do, very specifically I’m looking forward to the MMS & copy-and-paste functionality.

However – big problem, I downloaded the application update (240MB, by the way) and I got the following error:

The iPhone “………” cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable.

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“Something awesome is happening to virgin1″ – anyone any idea what’s being referred to here? I don’t watch Virgin much, didn’t even realise I could get it until recently when I did a freeview channel refresh – so I’ve just seen that on the 09/06 (that’s 9th of June Americanos) something awesome is going to happen.


Fake glasses and moustache

It's moustache time!

Hey, you may remember a post from a while back asking you to command your moustache Рwell, today opens the 2009 World and Beard Mustache Championships.

I think everyone should get involved in this battle of the beards and moustacheii, start today, compete next year – you could be the grand winner of the 2010 World and Beard Mustache Championships.

My recommendations are to “shake up” a competition that already looks like it’s been placed inside a bag of baubles and dropped off the side of a cliff. Let’s face it, the people who go into that competition are nutters, most of them look like they’ve been hitting the gin a bit too hard. What kind of brain makes them think “Hmm, I guess if I only shaved one half of my moustache, that could give me just the kind of tactical advantage I need”. And so on.

Let’s fair it, these hirsute behaviours are as disturbing as they are beautiful. I, for one, would like to see a contestant with a moustache of bees. Please, please help make that dream become a reality.

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