Yeah, why not review my breakfast. Truth is, I don’t really “do” breakfast, it’s not something that occurs. However, this morning I was definitely and inexplicably in the mood for a can of sweet fizzy “Relentless: Juiced Energy” and a bag of Flame Grilled Steak McCoys. They were lovely, I don’t mind telling you :)

The relentless is not the “Red Bull” one, but instead a combination of that and orange juice which is a very tasty combo. Apparently it’s made with “50% JUICE” and “100% ENERGY”, which totals an impressive 150%, effectively meaning you get 50% free – bargain! It contains Taurine and caffeine as its main boosting ingredients which I assume makes up the “100% ENERGY” – a total of 230kcal per can. Not that that’s very useful to know, but I thought it’d be like 500kcal or something crazy like that.

The crisps are less exciting, sadly but still AWESOMELY TASTY. And that.

Overall, I give my breakfast a solid 8/10 because it started my day off so nicely.

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