Fake glasses and moustache

It's moustache time!

Hey, you may remember a post from a while back asking you to command your moustache Рwell, today opens the 2009 World and Beard Mustache Championships.

I think everyone should get involved in this battle of the beards and moustacheii, start today, compete next year – you could be the grand winner of the 2010 World and Beard Mustache Championships.

My recommendations are to “shake up” a competition that already looks like it’s been placed inside a bag of baubles and dropped off the side of a cliff. Let’s face it, the people who go into that competition are nutters, most of them look like they’ve been hitting the gin a bit too hard. What kind of brain makes them think “Hmm, I guess if I only shaved one half of my moustache, that could give me just the kind of tactical advantage I need”. And so on.

Let’s fair it, these hirsute behaviours are as disturbing as they are beautiful. I, for one, would like to see a contestant with a moustache of bees. Please, please help make that dream become a reality.

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Just started watching the first few mins of Eagle Eye starring Shia Leboeuf… and I noticed that the first few seconds of children running along the desert with a stick reminded me of something.

And then it hit me, I would swear that almost the exact same scene with the camera then following them over the crest of a hill is taken from Independence Day – yunno, the end bit where they’re all excited cos the big ships are crashing down all over the planet. Yay!

Anyway, anyone else find this or is it just me? Or am I wrong and it’s a rip-off from a *different* movie?

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I’m a bit stymied, I must confess. I could really do with understanding how on earth Wordpress is able to do its 404 handling and url-rewriting. I’m a web developer and I’ve used 404s to do url-rewriting before but I can’t see how wordpress can do this without actually having to do anything server side.

For my own purposes I change the “Error documents” part of the IIS setup for a website and redirect to /404.htm (or something) and have a CGI script check what it’s supposed to be showing, if anything. But Wordpress doesn’t require anything like this… and I’m stumped.

This question raised itself even more when I realised it has something it calls a “virtual robots.txt” file. And indeed, the file doesn’t exist, but try to access it and it does. Freaky!

I’m primarily a ColdFusion developer and that uses an Application.cfm file which pre-pends itself to any ColdFusion request on the site. If php has the facility to do anything like this then it’s news to me… but otherwise I don’t get how wordpress can be doing it!!

Weirdness. Answers on postcards. Virtual or otherwise.

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I haven’t done any reviews recently because… well, I’ve just been too bored and busy. I’m sorry but this whole “writing things for the internet so people who don’t know me or care about me can bugger off after reading the first line” is just not keeping me excited. Yes, I am grumpy, but I don’t much care.

I’m not interesting, I do nothing that’s useful, I am living a normal life with nothing to say. Even if I did there’d be little to no point “blogging” about it. Yeah, I’m going to put blogging in bloody quotation marks because that’s how fundamentally nonsense I think the whole thing is.

I don’t know, I know a lot of people who socialise and I can kinda get that. It’s not my bag, but: Facebook away! MySpace away! Tweet all the hell you want! But blogging? Who gives a ****?

If I want news, I’ll go to a news site. If I want opinion, I’ll ask my friends. If I want to waste my time, I’ll blog about it.

What. Ever.

Amen [to misquote Ben Folds]