A review of R2-D2 from Star Wars

I fell in love with good old “Artoo” when I was a nipper. Star Wars was released in ‘77, sadly two years before my time so I wasn’t able to see it at the cinema until it was released for the Special Edition in… er… 95 I think it was, with all the gooey CGI “updates” that weren’t needed. But that’s all history, point is I grew up as a child of the ’80s and as such Star Wars was all a kid could need. Along with He-Man. And Knight Rider and all that.

Artoo was my favourite, never before has a word-less beeper ever said so much in a single whistle to make you feel like, “Yeah, I’d totally be friends with him and rip the living p*ss out of Threepio all the time.” The way his little head swivelled. The way he’d let down his middle leg to set off on a trundle that’s clearly going to make him run into the side of the corridor (good camera cutting, Lucas!). The way he fell over when the Jawas zapped him with their little electricity gun. Good times.

You know, no other robot without any real means of mechanical expression can raise their eyebrow or roll their eyes in quite the same way Artoo could whenever “dweeb” Luke was talking to him (yunno, before Luke got all cool and had a robot hand and stuff).

So I say “Thank you!” Artoo. Thank you Kenny Baker (the mini-man inside the bot), thank you Ben Burtt (who did the whistles and beeps) and thank you to everyone who made Artoo the true star he is. Oh yeah, thanks George Lucas – I guess you did OK too.

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