Just sat down to watch the first few minutes of Live and Let Die… not quite sure why, was only really in the mood for a few minutes of it. But it’s all good, a great start to a Bond film, and (I believe) Roger Moore’s first Bond outing.

It starts with a series of deaths, a murder in the UN – death by high-frequency sound! The most hilarious the bloke who’s watching the funeral procession being led by a brass band.. turns out the procession is for him and he gets picked up into the coffin, then the band goes all JAZZ and it’s a street party. Ace. Didn’t actually get to the bit where Moore actually gets on screen but that’s not the point. I know how the rest goes and it’s a brilliant film, great debut for Roger Moore and the whole film’s very Bond.

Not to mention the title track sung by Sir Paul McCartney – a wicked bit of music, perfect for Bond though actually quite different. Amazing stuff.

I give the first few minutes of this film a very strong 9/10, though overall I think I’d temper it by saying that it’s not the best Bond film by any means and so overall the film gets 7/10.


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