About Review of Life

Review of Life (.com!) was originally conceived in 2008 as a project to whittle away time and try to come up with a new idea in blogging. It’s far from unique, and never was at the time, but personally I wanted a place where I could review anything and everything, no matter how trivial or insignificant, or otherwise life-changing and mind-blowing.

What I envisioned was that I could review any of the following things that I’d do or come across during the day:

  • The bus ride; perhaps the bus driver, the person I was sitting next to, perhaps even the musical leakage from some dance-music-loving freak who’s sat at the back of the bus with his headphones turned up far too high.
  • The first five minutes of work; perhaps the coffee, the “water cooler” conversation, the smell of the polish the cleaner used the night before.
  • Lunch time!; perhaps the sandwich I’ve had to invent, the warm Dr Pepper can from yesterday that I didn’t drink.

… and so on! The possibilities are endless – this is LIFE, BLOGGED! So go on, you know you want to: get reading!