Bricanyl Terbutaline sulphate - My InhalerI’m having a bad asthma day for no reason whatsoever and it’s getting me down. It stings my chest and makes me very wary of walking anywhere. Hopefully it’ll subside at some point – my reliever inhaler (this week I are been mostly using Turbutaline by Bricanyl) is working but it’s struggling. I wonder if I’m due a slight cold or chest infection. I say slight because there’s no other real indication of what it might be.

So, asthma is bloody awful. I see a nurse about it every 3 to 6 months and my condition goes up and down so much that my medication changes incessantly as well. My fault, I must admit, I’m not particularly “into” taking medicine and taking something long-term and daily leaves me very cold indeed. I know this is a pathetic excuse, there are people with far worse things going on in their lives that have to take medication many times daily for their well-being. All I should have to do is take a single preventative inhaler once a day and I can’t even manage that.

So what exactly am I reviewing here? I suppose I should rate Asthma a 3/10 – it’d be selfish to suggest anything lower than that, it’s not crippling, it’s not making me bleed out of my eyes… but to those who just think it’s an excuse for people to get out of sports at school – it really is quite horribly painful and scary.

How many people die from asthma?

Each year around 1500 a year in the UK and 5000 a year in the US die from asthma, usually after very severe asthma attacks to long existing sufferers but sometimes quite out of the blue to people who have never before exhibited symptoms. Quite scary. But, if it’s well managed (and mine should be) then you should be very happy and healthy, barring the overeating of burgers and voles.

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