Thought as my second and proper full review I might just review blogging as a whole. Yep, rather introspective, there’s the obvious possibility of the whole infinite-depth-mirror going on, but I thought it worth at least getting down my thoughts on the blogosphere.

Most of the time, I think blogs are a massive waste of internet. OK, that’s a huge generalisation, but I have a rather horrid way of seeing blogs as too easy to set up by people who have too little to contribute. C’mon, that’s not that shocking, surely you’re thinking exactly that right now!

The problem, for me, most likely stems from the way in which I use the internet. If I come across a blog it’s usually because I’m searching for an answer to something, usually a technical web-programming type question (I’m a web developer). So I search for something and get results back which are hundreds of peoples attempts to describe their way of tackling something similar to the problem I’m having. But it’s confused, unreliable, poorly written and infuriatingly scant of details that would actually make it worthwhile.

Let’s be fair, I’ve seen some great blogs and some of them are completely unworthwhile. Take a good friend of mine’s website: – it’s a complete traffic whore, trying to get visitors from posting nipple-friendly content. To be honest it’s pretty fun, I think if there was a community of half-a-dozen or so people contributing it’d be great. But then is that really so different from your classic discussion forum?
Then you get industry gurus blogging about important things, like Matt Cutts: – great stuff for those who are interested in all things Google but otherwise boring.

I don’t know – I still think that in general that people who write on the internet are doing so without trying to be a world-class author so perhaps I should give them a break. You take the percentages of start-up, shut-down blogs – the whole blog abandonment rate is somewhere between 60% and 80%… that’s way too high to suggest there’s a great deal of good blogging going on.

Personally I’d like to see us get to a point where you can’t “start” your blog until you’ve posted 5 entries. That’d learn ‘em.

Anyway, we’ll see how I get on. Hopefully I’ll be around in a week or so but you never know.


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