Chips with Ketchup - loving themChips, glorious chips. Well, not that glorious I suppose, they are chips after all. Oh, and chips means fried potatoes by the way, cut into sticks and eaten with ketchup. *Those* kind of chips.

So, in my own weird way, I’ve had opportunity recently to make my own chips using real-life potatoes, and use ready-made oven chips, the brand of which I forget but quite possibly McCain. This is my review.

The home made chips were, on the whole, the more dangerous to make. Having no peeler handy, I slices the potatoes using a sharp knife. Actually, and perhaps you should all think about this, I reckon that I actually removed far less good potato this way than using a peeler. Anyway, then I had to dice-with-death another time and cut the potatoes up into chip shapes. Scary huh? In the meantime I was tasked with heating up oil in a pan to a stupidly dangerous level before adding the potatoes. It all went well, but I could have died is what I’m saying!

The oven ready chips I slapped on a baking tray and popped into the oven. Easy.

But when it came to taste time, I can emphatically announce home-made the clear winners. The oven ready were dry and the middle kinda collapsed in on itself. Useless. The home made were just the right side of greasy and anyway the ketchup cut through all that beautifully. Yum!

So, my scores are:

Home-Made Chips: 9/10
Over-Ready Chips: 5/10

On average, I’m going to have to score 8/10

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Leeds' finest Jacket PotatoA late lunch for me, nearly 4pm!! Not too out of the ordinary for me, but perhaps a little later. Still, point is, I’m sat here now with a half-eaten Jacket potato and looking forward to eating that second half.

It’s a good jacket, though oddly it’s quite burnt on the outside and I haven’t been given a plastic knife, just a little plastic fork which makes it thoroughly tough to eat. I’ve gone for a beans and cheese combination for my jacket, it’s fantastically cooked on the inside, the beans and cheese have melted together in a big splodge of loveliness. My arteries harden… then immediately soften in the knowledge that it’s going to be so tasty it’d be very unfair to bring on a heart-attack. At least until I’m finished.

It’s served in the same container as a kebab which is slightly less good. In fact, in terms of presentation, it’s a bit of a wash-out. Disappointing.

Tastiness: 9/10
Presentation: 4/10
Accessories: 3/10

Overall: 6/10

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A beautiful Ainsley's pastyIt’s lunch time! And as such it’s time for me to enjoy a hot, tasty, flat Cornish pasty, brought to me by those beautiful (er, not really*) people at Ainsley’s who make pies, pasties, sandwiches and cakes. The smell is good, the packaging almost translucent with greasy goodness, so let’s dive in and taste the pasty goodness.

Mmmm! It’s all good, baby. Not to suggest that their Cornish meat filling includes baby, though for all I know it might. I have no real idea what goes into it and I don’t want to know. It could be haggis without the stomach for all I know and care. The spices are right, the heat is nice, the gravy – delectable. The only thing that occasionally lets it down is a “slip” of gristle. I say “slip” because that’s kind of what your teeth do when they try to chew it. Not pleasant.

Still, overall you’ve got to stand tall Ainsley’s – you guys know how to stuff crap into a pastry half-moon and cook it. Yum!

Tastiness: 9/10
Service (at store): 8/10
Presentation: 7/10

Overall Score: 8/10


I’ve used this site a few times and think it’s worth reviewing. It’s a pretty impressive service; basically it’s a website that has lots of takeaway restaurants signed up to it from which you can order your food, pay online and fill your tum!

The way it works is you put your postcode in (this is in the UK) and it comes up with a list of all restaurants in your area, you click through on one you fancy (from Indian, Chinese, Italian usually) and you basically get their entire menu. Click the items you want, go through and pay online, and BINGO! You’re done, now you just wait for your friendly delivery person to give you your food. Fantastic.

It’s a well thought out and designed site, the interface is easy to use, uses AJAX pretty well to add items to your “basket”, it’s cool. Personally I hate phoning restaurants because, well, firstly I don’t really like using the phone, and secondly because these restaurants tend to be staffed by people who have very strong accents.

I’ve used another site that does a similar job called hungry house – that I was less impressed with. After you’ve paid, the restaurant has to accept your order: Just-eat gives you an indicator and you basically keep the page open till it responds. Hungry house on the other hand emails you. There is a “login” area where you can see the result of the status… but it’s a bit irritating not to have the instant response.

Overall, good site, well designed, good inventory, yeah, a solid 8/10

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Yeah, why not review my breakfast. Truth is, I don’t really “do” breakfast, it’s not something that occurs. However, this morning I was definitely and inexplicably in the mood for a can of sweet fizzy “Relentless: Juiced Energy” and a bag of Flame Grilled Steak McCoys. They were lovely, I don’t mind telling you :)

The relentless is not the “Red Bull” one, but instead a combination of that and orange juice which is a very tasty combo. Apparently it’s made with “50% JUICE” and “100% ENERGY”, which totals an impressive 150%, effectively meaning you get 50% free – bargain! It contains Taurine and caffeine as its main boosting ingredients which I assume makes up the “100% ENERGY” – a total of 230kcal per can. Not that that’s very useful to know, but I thought it’d be like 500kcal or something crazy like that.

The crisps are less exciting, sadly but still AWESOMELY TASTY. And that.

Overall, I give my breakfast a solid 8/10 because it started my day off so nicely.

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