It’s time again for us to look forward to watching beautiful blazing bonfires and amazing sparkling fireworks displays – good old bonfire night! If you’re looking for fireworks displays for 2010 in Leeds you’ve come to the right place.

Free fireworks displays

Roundhay park

Without doubt the jewel in the crown of Leeds’ fireworks displays is to be found at Roundhay Park – every year thousands gather to watch the huge bonfire and fantastic firework display. The fire is lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks are set to kick off at 8pm. Admission is naturally free – though you’re advised to get there nice and early to take advantage of good viewing positions, live music and various other entertainments there.

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On the way to pick up my son and coming up to a roundabout: 3 lanes; left lane goes left, middle and right lanes go straight on. I’m in the middle lane… person in the left lane is going left, going left, going left – nope! Going straight on. Argh!!!!

Luckily, * very luckily * there was no-one in the right lane so I was able to move over just in time. But that’s really rare that there aren’t cars filling all three lanes. I’m useless at finding my horn (yeah, yeah, ha-ha) so I didn’t even beep. I was so… well, scared I guess. I do get incensed when driving but less so when my heart’s pounding with fear.

Still don’t really know how I managed to avoid a scrape of some kind. Idiot then carried on driving stupidly fast in front of me, braking somewhat erratically. Did wonder whether the driver was drunk. Makes you think.

Anyway, bit dull, but overall I’d give my journey a very low 1/10 and only gets a 1 because I was at least able to see my little boy :)

Converse trainers, red

Trainers made for walkin' - hence the blur on the right one, I guess.

I woke up this morning and had before me a choice that, to many men, is a conundrum not often faced: which shoes should I wear?

Perhaps I’m being all sexist there, all I know is that it’s the first time *I’ve* ever thought that question. But a choice I had, two pairs of footwear were staring at me:
My boots
My Converse trainers
Tricky. I’ve not worn my trainers for about a year, always instead going for the boots. But I wanted a change, for some reason or other, so I’ve set off today wearing my converse trainers. Wow, life IS exciting.

So now I’m reviewing them, I was reviewing them pretty much the second I put them on. “Hey, these still look great!” thought I whilst doing up the laces. They’re quite heavily scuffed and mucky but to me that adds to the charm. There’s something in the design that is just so classic. A bit like bowling shoes, but not. A bit like baseball boots, but not. 100% cool? No, probably not – but not far off!

And it totally reminds me of the almost pornographic nature of the first 10 minutes of the Will Smith vehicle: I, Robot – which is effectively a full-on advert for Converse trainers. There’s no pretension it’s anything but, it’s hilarious. I digress…

So, after having laced up, I then had the displeasure of having to walk in them. They are bloody uncomfortable, the sole is so thin! I’m used to wearing boots which have a fair amount of nice, soft padding; these have none. Luckily it’s not raining today or I’d also have to test out their waterproofness, which I suspect, being canvas trainers, they’re not.

I think I’m a fan of the trainer still, they’re beautiful, well made, and make me feel like I’m giving my feet a treat… whilst I’m sitting down. The moment I move I feel I’m punishing them. Oh well.

Style: 9/10
Comfort: 5/10
Practicality: 6/10
Value: 8/10

Overall I’d just them a neat 7/10

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Chavs signJust came back from a day-time jaunt to gamestation to look for some xbox360 games. Didn’t get a game in the end, couldn’t decide.

BUT, what I did find is that mid-afternoon in Leeds can be pretty crazy. Sweet:

“The chavs are out, they’re running about, they’re going to punch and bite and spit that ear out.”

One guy had a beautiful Evander Holyfield thing going on with (half) his ear whilst to the left and right were people who were clearly positioning themselves for a fight. You ain’t never seen so much Kappa. Loverley. Interestingly, and beautifully, Kappa is also the following:

Kappa – a water sprite that looks like a lizard

Sorry if you think this is terribly unfair – Leeds is a lovely town, I’d just steer clear of bus-stops at school finishing time. And honestly I’ve nothing against townie chavs, just so long as they stopped being so damned threatening and moronic.

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Inside a car parkOK, so I’ve been in work for nearly three-quarters of an hour now so I’m calm and collected. My journey as a whole was fine, no problems there at all – until the point where I had to park. Just to give you an idea, I park in a multi-storey of about 9 levels (it can be quite dizzying!).

The deal is that at 8.45am the car park is going to be full. Everyone knows this, and if you don’t, you certainly know it after you’ve driven to at least the third level. I had the misfortune to be driving behind someone who appears to either:

a) have not driven before
b) be unfamiliar with the concept of car-parks
c) have not driven before in a car-park

I’m going to be kind and suggest the c) might be the right answer. Either way, we went slowly. Let me emphasise that properly: slooooowly. At each turn, we had to stop, look to see if there were any spaces, then drive on. Sloooooowly. All of which meant a great deal of braking, hand-brakes on slopes and eventually a convoy of about 8 vehicles behind me. The guy behind, I could see, constantly shaking his head, presumably in bemusement.

OK, OK, so maybe I’m being melodramatic. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Right! Except for the fact that when the driver did find a space, brakes were slammed on and reverse was selected. The driver then decided to reverse directly at me at a silly speed. Argh!

So that’s it for me, from now on I’m going to expect the worst from car park driving. I was interested to know the percentage of accidents in car parks. It occurs from my looking around that that question doesn’t have an answer but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was stupidly high. Not when you consider the stupidly bad driving one sees.

So, driving in car parks: Not set my temper at best, going to give this one a 0 out of 5.