Columbo - detectiveI don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I LOVE Columbo, it’s one of my favourite ever TV shows and I guess one of my favourite characters, so let’s review it!

The premise of Columbo

“Yeah, we’re going to show the audience exactly who killed who and how, then spend an hour and a half watching a bizarre Italian-American bumbler catch the guy… even though he really knows who did it within the first few seconds of meeting them. Oh, and he eats hard-boiled eggs. And can’t look in the same direction with both of his eyes.”

Weird! But it works, how he unravels the murder and the murderer is genuinely thrilling. Unfortunately there are a lot of really poor Columbos, but look out for the good ones, to quote Tony the Tiger: “They’re GREAT!”

What is Columbo’s first name?

Lieutenant Columbo… butwhat is Columbo’s first name? Frank! I’ve seen it somewhere, a photo of his police badge that shows Columbo’s firstname. But I love things like that in the show – how many mysteries and questions are there through the thing?

Who is Mrs. Columbo?

The other major question is who is his wife? Does he have a wife? What’s her name? (Mrs. Columbo is the real answer, of course!) The actual TV show Mrs. Columbo was made starring Kate Mulgrew who later went on to star in the Star Trek: Voyager series as Captain Janeway. It was awful – please, really, don’t be tempted to find it, it’s not good. In fact, even the TV bosses realised how poor it was when they changed nearly every aspect of the show so that it no longer seemed to reference the original Columbo, such were the fears that it might taint the original.

Peter Falk

Peter Falk – what a guy! With one glass eye (Doh! Stupidly, it’s only in the last couple of years I’ve even realised this!) he’s made one of the most charming detectives ever seen in a Detective show. And weirdly, the whole scruffiness thing isn’t really apparent in the first few episodes – though the fake-bumbling is. Columbo is famous for his dirty mac, but I think people forget just how good these shows really are, and how clever they are. I mean, can you imagine pitching the show?

Overall I’d give Columbo a wicked 9/10

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  1. Madholman @ 2010-02-08 23:05

    Columbo rocks,i would give it 10 out of 10,because there are no poor Columbos!