Command your moustache

Bees on honeyI have to admit, this post is more of a secret experiment… well, not really that secret. And not that much of an experiment. But effectively I’m looking to challenge the world, its minions, and the greasy brown blob that sits on top of your work-bench during your attempt to re-create the first few seconds of evolution. Brown, blobby and greasy. Three favourites in one.

OK, OK, none of that *literally* makes sense, but some of it is still quite beautiful.

I’ve been thinking about moustaches, I do, admittedly, have a moustache but I don’t like to talk about it. I prefer my beard of bees – now THAT is a site to behold. In fact, why don’t get moustaches of bees? All it would take is a single smearing of jam on your upper-lip and Bingo! There’s your moustache of bees. Once you’ve got your bees in line, you could command your moustache to take flight at an enemy, smite them in whichever way they see fit (some kind of stinging, probably, knowing the unimaginative bee).

I wonder if this is where the phrase “bee-line” came from?

So, I’m going to score the moustache of bees a healthy 8/10. Go bees! And everyone else, don’t you wish you could command your moustache?


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