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Hey! I know! This is a really old review for the color of magic, but I’ve not seen it till now, though it was released at least last year (2008), possible before, I could check it up on the old IMDB, but that’d be too organised. Instead, I’m going to review this Terry Pratchett classic as I’ve seen it, which is now. I’ve read the books, listened to the audio-books, and now I’m watching the TV/Film adaptation. By the way, the English is “the colour of magic” and I’m English, so there! :)

It’s not going to be the longest review because I’m not into that kind of guff that goes into a lot of reviews. I’ll be honest, I know my subject, I’m a keen reader of Pratchett and the first two novels in the Discworld series are very well known to me and close to my heart. There have, to my knowledge, only been two significant TV adapations, the first being The Hogfather, a piffle of an adaptation that, although diversionary, was almost certainly a very bad choice for turning into a TV/Film because it required too much pre-knowledge of the Discworld. As such it came across as a very weak half-joke. Not great for Pratchett fans.
However, this review is about “The Colour of Magic”, which is a TV/Film so incorporating the novel “The Light Fantastic” – the first two Discworld novels written by Terry and very rich in humor, humour and the many legs of the Sapient Pearwood suitcase.

Overall I think it comes across without too much splendour. The quality of the production is very, very high, I’m certainly impressed with the amount of effort put into it, I would simply suggest that it needs, absolutely NEEDS to be a Hollywood production with the cast and money that will truly enable it to become what it ought to be. I mean, look, it doesn’t need to be a Lord of the Rings (3 films, 4 hours each, fantastic BUT not THIS) but it does need a decent treatment. I love David Jason (actually, I love anyone with firstname/lastname variations that can be all turn-aroundy) but really he’s not best suited to this kind of production. Actually thought that Sean Astin was a very good Twoflower, almost because his performance is at least charismatic rather than actually being that brilliant. Christopher Lee as Death is inspired, in future books when Death gets more of a character that’ll be absolutely brilliant in my head as the voice of Death.

To be fair, if you’re considering buying the DVD or Blu-Ray of this I’d say: Yeah, go for it! Why not, the worst you’ll get is a poor adaptation of an excellent story, which at the end of it is still a pretty good fun story to spend your time with.

Overall score: 6/10. Seriously, if you’ve no idea then… you’ll have no idea. Please read the book, or listen to the audio-book. Don’t rely on TV/Film adapations of Discworld books to become your only knowledge of a genius like Terry Pratchett’s work.

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