Converse trainers, red

Trainers made for walkin' - hence the blur on the right one, I guess.

I woke up this morning and had before me a choice that, to many men, is a conundrum not often faced: which shoes should I wear?

Perhaps I’m being all sexist there, all I know is that it’s the first time *I’ve* ever thought that question. But a choice I had, two pairs of footwear were staring at me:
My boots
My Converse trainers
Tricky. I’ve not worn my trainers for about a year, always instead going for the boots. But I wanted a change, for some reason or other, so I’ve set off today wearing my converse trainers. Wow, life IS exciting.

So now I’m reviewing them, I was reviewing them pretty much the second I put them on. “Hey, these still look great!” thought I whilst doing up the laces. They’re quite heavily scuffed and mucky but to me that adds to the charm. There’s something in the design that is just so classic. A bit like bowling shoes, but not. A bit like baseball boots, but not. 100% cool? No, probably not – but not far off!

And it totally reminds me of the almost pornographic nature of the first 10 minutes of the Will Smith vehicle: I, Robot – which is effectively a full-on advert for Converse trainers. There’s no pretension it’s anything but, it’s hilarious. I digress…

So, after having laced up, I then had the displeasure of having to walk in them. They are bloody uncomfortable, the sole is so thin! I’m used to wearing boots which have a fair amount of nice, soft padding; these have none. Luckily it’s not raining today or I’d also have to test out their waterproofness, which I suspect, being canvas trainers, they’re not.

I think I’m a fan of the trainer still, they’re beautiful, well made, and make me feel like I’m giving my feet a treat… whilst I’m sitting down. The moment I move I feel I’m punishing them. Oh well.

Style: 9/10
Comfort: 5/10
Practicality: 6/10
Value: 8/10

Overall I’d just them a neat 7/10

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