I’m a bit stymied, I must confess. I could really do with understanding how on earth Wordpress is able to do its 404 handling and url-rewriting. I’m a web developer and I’ve used 404s to do url-rewriting before but I can’t see how wordpress can do this without actually having to do anything server side.

For my own purposes I change the “Error documents” part of the IIS setup for a website and redirect to /404.htm (or something) and have a CGI script check what it’s supposed to be showing, if anything. But Wordpress doesn’t require anything like this… and I’m stumped.

This question raised itself even more when I realised it has something it calls a “virtual robots.txt” file. And indeed, the file doesn’t exist, but try to access it and it does. Freaky!

I’m primarily a ColdFusion developer and that uses an Application.cfm file which pre-pends itself to any ColdFusion request on the site. If php has the facility to do anything like this then it’s news to me… but otherwise I don’t get how wordpress can be doing it!!

Weirdness. Answers on postcards. Virtual or otherwise.

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