A picture of an iphoneJust got myself a brand new iPhone – the 3GS, an upgrade from the iPhone 3G, enjoying it so far – it’s nice to have a fast iPhone again after the 3.0 software upgrade made everything reeeeeealy slow on my old 3G.

Jailbreak my new iPhone 3GS – blackra1n

Anyway, first job, of course, was to jailbreak the new phone. Last time I did it is was… well, it wasn’t a chore, exactly. But it was a bit of pain, using the redsn0w tool from dev-team, on the PC, to modify the firmware update. BUT – brilliant news, an update to an older piece of software called blackra1n which also hacks the iPhone! I hadn’t heard of it before but it appears that it’s been around before for updating older versions of the firmware and I have to admit it was good to have an alternative!

Installation was… well, it was as easy as downloading it and double-clicking the icon! With a connected phone, Click “make it ra1n”, your phone reboots with a funky new wallpaper and then that’s it! You’ve now installed a piece of software called blackrain which is an icon on your phone – open that and you get a number of options to install a software manager, like Cydia.

Problems with blackra1n

HOWEVER, I have a big problem with blackrain because whenever I reboot my phone it keeps asking my to re-activate my phone and plug it into my PC so iTunes can talk to it. Very odd, and clearly not terribly convenient! So if anyone else has this problem with blackra1n please let me know I’m not alone or going nuts.

It’s tricky, I’m very impressed with how easy and quick the jailbreak was with blackrain but clearly this is a big error to have come up every time I reboot my iPhone. Maybe it’ll just sort itself out given a few more reboots, or maybe there’s something in the rebooting that I’m doing wrong and it’s constantly going into recovery mode or something.

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  1. Wish they would fix this one problem- other the that blackra1n is excellent!