A picture of an iphoneWoohoo – the iPhone 3.0 software update is here… thank you Apple – now I have a phone that does what other people’s phones do, very specifically I’m looking forward to the MMS & copy-and-paste functionality.

However – big problem, I downloaded the application update (240MB, by the way) and I got the following error:

The iPhone “………” cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable.

Argh! C’mon Apple – I’ve done some reading around and although I didn’t have an iPhone in 2008, apparently this is not the first time.

The solution to the problem appears to be to close down iTunes (you have to install it using iTunes) and unplug your iPhone. Once you’ve done that, reconnect the iPhone and let iTunes load up by itself. Once it loads it’ll ask you whether you want to install the update – fingers crossed you won’t get the iPhone activation server error.

Phew! So it’s still installing while I blog this. Fingers crossed it’ll all be done soon and I’ll be 3.0ing the heck out of it. So long as there aren’t any more server errors!


This courtesy of posted lespaul85

1)Click update
2)immediately disable your network connection (several ways, I just went to my internet properties and my connection and right clicked and went to disable)
3) it’ll skip over the offending error and should continue

Thanks lespaul85, and a big yahoo! from everyone who’s finding this working for them.


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