James Brolin and Christian Bale

Father and son? Similarity and likeness is amazing

It’s truly an amazing likeness between Brolin and Bale and, having done a very little research it appears there are lots of rumours that Brolin is Bale’s father, and Bale Brolin’s illegitimate son, however, that is purely rumour and pretty scurrilous at that.

My first encounted with Brolin was in The Amityville Horror with himself and Margot Kidder. Damn! Are they ever dopplegangers. Recently I’ve also seen him in WestWorld, Skyjacked and, interestingly, in Batman the TV Show.

The likeness is uncanny but surely it is just that. That they look alike, combined with an apparent similarity in facial and bodily gestures is quite amazing.

I rate the likeness an pretty substantial 10/10!

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  1. Last night at the Golden Globes Christian Bale looked exactly like a young James Brolin!! Thats how I came to find this site. I was looking online to see if they were kin!! It’s amazing that they aren’t!!