I’ve used this site a few times and think it’s worth reviewing. It’s a pretty impressive service; basically it’s a website that has lots of takeaway restaurants signed up to it from which you can order your food, pay online and fill your tum!

The way it works is you put your postcode in (this is in the UK) and it comes up with a list of all restaurants in your area, you click through on one you fancy (from Indian, Chinese, Italian usually) and you basically get their entire menu. Click the items you want, go through and pay online, and BINGO! You’re done, now you just wait for your friendly delivery person to give you your food. Fantastic.

It’s a well thought out and designed site, the interface is easy to use, uses AJAX pretty well to add items to your “basket”, it’s cool. Personally I hate phoning restaurants because, well, firstly I don’t really like using the phone, and secondly because these restaurants tend to be staffed by people who have very strong accents.

I’ve used another site that does a similar job called hungry house – that I was less impressed with. After you’ve paid, the restaurant has to accept your order: Just-eat gives you an indicator and you basically keep the page open till it responds. Hungry house on the other hand emails you. There is a “login” area where you can see the result of the status… but it’s a bit irritating not to have the instant response.

Overall, good site, well designed, good inventory, yeah, a solid 8/10

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