I’m having a really good time watching old(ish) films at the moment and Logan’s Run was begging me to watch it. It’s a truly great story and though you think you’ll have heart it before (it’s a fairly common Sci-Fi yarn) you might just find out that this is the first film that really “did” this story, and did it so well.

Basically it’s about a society which is cocooned up in domes after some catastrophe in the outside world. Society is basically entirely hedonistic but that kinda depends on what “class” of citizen you are. The Sandmen in particular, who are the gendarme of the society, seem to live pretty darn well, plush flats, sex with babes whenever you like (classic scene where Michael York’s character, Logan, is offered a male concubine for the night :) ). Anyway, the trick is that in this society you’re only allowed to live to 30 – after which you’re sent to “Carousel” which is a bizarre ceremony in which you might be renewed but otherwise you float up to the ceiling and get blown up… but the “renewed” part isn’t really ever explained because there simply ARE no old people in the society. Weird.

Anyway, so everyone has these little jewel dealies implanted into their hand which gives away their age. At 30 it starts flashing and you’re going to have to pop your clogs. Damn. Some people don’t really like this though and become Runners – trying to avoid Carousel. The Sandmen hunt the runners. No-one escapes.

Logan is a Sandman who becomes a runner. Ah – you see? Good eh? The story unfolds…

It’s a brilliant film, I think the effects are pretty good for the time as well, lots of miniature cities and stuff, it’s funky and futuristic. Michael York (the hunk), Jenny Agutter (the babe) and Peter Ustinov (the old man) are excellent portrayed and written.

I give Logan’s run a wicked 9/10.


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