This is my review of the Manchester United vs. Liverpool football game which has just finished at Old Trafford. It’s not going to be a long review but it was a particularly good game for anyone who isn’t a Man Utd fan. Obviously especially good for Liverpool fans but also for neutral supporters who can perhaps now look forward to a decent end to the season, perhaps a genuine race including Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea is on the cards.

4-1 though! That’s pretty impressive Liverpool! Especially considering the mid-week destruction of Real Madrid, a team that once British clubs would genuinely think they had little chance against. But it turns out that fancy moves and reputation really don’t do a great deal when up against a decent team.

Perhaps we should be talking about great management here. Let’s face it, Sir Alex Ferguson is a pretty awesome manager by any means. So many trophies, so many titles using so many different teams. That’s impressive. But what about Rafael Benitez? At this point I think we have to say that he really is as good as he thinks he is. Go Benitez!

So, Liverpool have beaten Manchester United 4-1. Good days, good days.

Overall score for the game: 8/10 – it was pretty action packed, certainly lots of goals, penalties and even a sending off. Super!

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