On the way to pick up my son and coming up to a roundabout: 3 lanes; left lane goes left, middle and right lanes go straight on. I’m in the middle lane… person in the left lane is going left, going left, going left – nope! Going straight on. Argh!!!!

Luckily, * very luckily * there was no-one in the right lane so I was able to move over just in time. But that’s really rare that there aren’t cars filling all three lanes. I’m useless at finding my horn (yeah, yeah, ha-ha) so I didn’t even beep. I was so… well, scared I guess. I do get incensed when driving but less so when my heart’s pounding with fear.

Still don’t really know how I managed to avoid a scrape of some kind. Idiot then carried on driving stupidly fast in front of me, braking somewhat erratically. Did wonder whether the driver was drunk. Makes you think.

Anyway, bit dull, but overall I’d give my journey a very low 1/10 and only gets a 1 because I was at least able to see my little boy :)


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