Chavs signJust came back from a day-time jaunt to gamestation to look for some xbox360 games. Didn’t get a game in the end, couldn’t decide.

BUT, what I did find is that mid-afternoon in Leeds can be pretty crazy. Sweet:

“The chavs are out, they’re running about, they’re going to punch and bite and spit that ear out.”

One guy had a beautiful Evander Holyfield thing going on with (half) his ear whilst to the left and right were people who were clearly positioning themselves for a fight. You ain’t never seen so much Kappa. Loverley. Interestingly, and beautifully, Kappa is also the following:

Kappa – a water sprite that looks like a lizard

Sorry if you think this is terribly unfair – Leeds is a lovely town, I’d just steer clear of bus-stops at school finishing time. And honestly I’ve nothing against townie chavs, just so long as they stopped being so damned threatening and moronic.

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