A picture of an iphoneJust got myself a brand new iPhone – the 3GS, an upgrade from the iPhone 3G, enjoying it so far – it’s nice to have a fast iPhone again after the 3.0 software upgrade made everything reeeeeealy slow on my old 3G.

Jailbreak my new iPhone 3GS – blackra1n

Anyway, first job, of course, was to jailbreak the new phone. Last time I did it is was… well, it wasn’t a chore, exactly. But it was a bit of pain, using the redsn0w tool from dev-team, on the PC, to modify the firmware update. BUT – brilliant news, an update to an older piece of software called blackra1n which also hacks the iPhone! I hadn’t heard of it before but it appears that it’s been around before for updating older versions of the firmware and I have to admit it was good to have an alternative!

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