It’s time again for us to look forward to watching beautiful blazing bonfires and amazing sparkling fireworks displays – good old bonfire night! If you’re looking for fireworks displays for 2010 in Leeds you’ve come to the right place.

Free fireworks displays

Roundhay park

Without doubt the jewel in the crown of Leeds’ fireworks displays is to be found at Roundhay Park – every year thousands gather to watch the huge bonfire and fantastic firework display. The fire is lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks are set to kick off at 8pm. Admission is naturally free – though you’re advised to get there nice and early to take advantage of good viewing positions, live music and various other entertainments there.

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Leeds' finest Jacket PotatoA late lunch for me, nearly 4pm!! Not too out of the ordinary for me, but perhaps a little later. Still, point is, I’m sat here now with a half-eaten Jacket potato and looking forward to eating that second half.

It’s a good jacket, though oddly it’s quite burnt on the outside and I haven’t been given a plastic knife, just a little plastic fork which makes it thoroughly tough to eat. I’ve gone for a beans and cheese combination for my jacket, it’s fantastically cooked on the inside, the beans and cheese have melted together in a big splodge of loveliness. My arteries harden… then immediately soften in the knowledge that it’s going to be so tasty it’d be very unfair to bring on a heart-attack. At least until I’m finished.

It’s served in the same container as a kebab which is slightly less good. In fact, in terms of presentation, it’s a bit of a wash-out. Disappointing.

Tastiness: 9/10
Presentation: 4/10
Accessories: 3/10

Overall: 6/10

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Chavs signJust came back from a day-time jaunt to gamestation to look for some xbox360 games. Didn’t get a game in the end, couldn’t decide.

BUT, what I did find is that mid-afternoon in Leeds can be pretty crazy. Sweet:

“The chavs are out, they’re running about, they’re going to punch and bite and spit that ear out.”

One guy had a beautiful Evander Holyfield thing going on with (half) his ear whilst to the left and right were people who were clearly positioning themselves for a fight. You ain’t never seen so much Kappa. Loverley. Interestingly, and beautifully, Kappa is also the following:

Kappa – a water sprite that looks like a lizard

Sorry if you think this is terribly unfair – Leeds is a lovely town, I’d just steer clear of bus-stops at school finishing time. And honestly I’ve nothing against townie chavs, just so long as they stopped being so damned threatening and moronic.

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