Wow – what an amazing bit of fall-out from the Google Images fun and games that’s being going on in the media all day regarding this Michelle Obama “Offensive” image. I’ve been following it without any serious idea of how big a deal this is… until I went online and a few news sites and saw how many people are getting involved in this row, and in really serious tones.

Personally I struggled to find the image when I first heard the news and I’m including it here, not to further the problem or to try to snatch a few extra visitors to this rubbish blog (seriously, and honestly, I’m sorry if you think that) because of that reason. Hopefully people will understand that that’s the true reason behind my posting it. As Google themselves have said, the image itself may cause offence but actually the conversation that’s sprung up is interesting (in a social sense) and infuriating in lots of others.

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