Ah, Westworld. Not sure the first time I saw it but whenever I have seen it it’s been late at night, very late, and something I’ve come across by accident. Think I’ve seen it about 3 times accidentally, once intentionally, and today – very intentionally again.

It’s an amazing film, another Michael Crichton wonder, this time written AND directed by himself. Effectively it’s a themepark of recreated, re-enacted worlds, comprising of 3 areas, Westworld (the wild-west), Roman world (speaks for itself) and Medieval world. Many of the people within the $1000 a night are tourists rich enough to pay for the privilege. But most of the occupants of the worlds are robots, specially programmed to behave, threaten, cajole, drink and womanise in exactly the same way as any human would.

It’s an awesome concept, really, as one would expect from such a brilliant writer as Crichton. The roles, played by James Brolin (Christian Bale anyone?!?), Yul Brynner and Richard Benjamin, are as scary (Brynner) as they are genuine (Benjamin).

Seriously, a great film, thoroughly recommended to anyone.



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